Free loot!

In making this website and countless other projects, I've had to learn a lot myself. I have been able to do so largely thanks to free things from all over the internet; this is my contribution.

Feel free to copy and use. It's nice if you tell people where you got it, but I won't be mad if you don't. If you build something you're proud of do give me a shout.

Here's an overview of things, everything is in the source code. Enjoy!

Do note that none of the above provides any documentation for the HTML, just the JavaScript. Furthermore it contains minimal styling (CSS). It's not important for the functionality and hopefully it makes it easier for you to incorporate on your own site.

Image slideshow/banner with changing links

HTML, JavaScript

No fancy animation or anything, just an image that changes every X seconds with a different link to whatever page you want. An "image caption" is included.

It might not look impressive, but this is the engine, and you will need to style it yourself. The caption can be put on top of the image and things like that, in order to build whatever you want.

Take me to the slideshow!

BMI calculator

HTML, JavaScript

No I will not build a version which supports other units. Stop being weird! Get on the International Standards-train!

Take me to the BMI-calculator!

Calorie counter

HTML, JavaScript

This calorie counter allows you to define how many calories any number dishes contain and then let's the user say how many of each thing they've eaten, giving them a total for each dish and a sum at the end.

Take me to the calorie counter!

Floating heads

HTML, JavaScript, canvas

My first attempt at using canvas for anything resulted in this quirky little page with heads floating around. They become bigger when you mouseover. The image bit was not part of the tutorial and clipping was somewhat difficult, but I made it and yeah...

Show me the funny floating heads!