The origins of Makeybussines

Every nickname has a story and this is the one for Makeybussines aka Makey aka Anders Gerlev Hansen:


MapleStory is where it started. It was the first online game that required me to create a user and looking for inspiration I turned to my favourite radio show at the time: Monkey Business.

Someone had already taken that username and I just kept trying different variations until "Makeybussines" was accepted.

Yes the spelling of "business" is wrong, I know.


Just a shortened version of Makeybussines and also my preferred version. It isn't always available when I sign up for something and then I have to use the long version, meh.

Anders Gerlev Hansen

That's my full name. Having a middle name is problematic sometimes man. When booking tickets and there is no field for middle name, sometimes it's a last name, sometimes not and the worst part is the inconsistency.

Other nicknames

Not that many, surprisingly. I have stayed consistent unless creating profiles that were in essence "not me". A character deserves its own persona and I want to leave them that way. But, I have used some of these on some platforms, very often inspired by (or stolen from) funny race horse names:

In real life

The above is mostly me in the online world. As for "real life", I mainly have one nickname that has stuck, despite me actively trying to distance myself from it. In writing this page I have come to realise that I might as well just embrace it.

"Postmanden" (Danish for "The Mailman").

I used to work as a mailman back when it was Post Danmark, the Royal Danish Mail Service and wore the company issued socks a lot outside work because they were absolutely amazing. Now that everything is privatized they've changed colours and logo, so having a pair of socks with the old logo is probably okay and won't offend anyone.