I'm Anders, this is my blog

I wrote some things, here they are:

About this blog

The way I keep/write this blog is by writing the thoughts that I have, in a way that represents what goes on inside my head. I have decided to put it on the internet so that you, whoever you are, can get an idea of who I am. If I am wrong about something, please do contact me, as I am more than happy to learn new things or just talk about what something means. Details about how to get in touch can be found on the front page, click to contact Anders Gerlev Hansen.

Generally speaking I do not include sources on my information. The reason for this is not that they do not exist, but because the information presented here is not collected for this purpose. I just go about my daily life and read papers, listen to books and watch videos. Then sometimes my brain goes "A-ha!", once the last piece of a puzzle I did not know I was putting together is put in place.

That is when I start writing.

I am combining years of studying with practical knowledge and personal experience. I know it is not up to par with academic standards, and you should know that too. It is my hope that I can be an inspiration to further studies on your part and not a source of the ultimate truth. I for one do not think I have figured everything out, yet?