Psytrance Poncho (version 2)

If you haven't already, check out version 1 here.

Because of the great feedback I got on version 1, I decided to make a new one with even more lights one. See materials list for more details on what is on it.

There were new goals for this version of the poncho, as the old one had some issues mainly around the battery box needing to hook onto something else and the wearer easily overheating.

With that in mind, here was my overall plan:

So, I bought more lights (10 x 1m up from 5 x 1m) and chose a mexican style poncho, which is open in the sides, rather than closed. This style of poncho happens to be lighter by itself, as the fabric is slightly thinner than on version 1.

With that sorted, all I had to do was make more holes in the poncho, to run the wires on the inside of the poncho and back to the front pocket, through a hole on the inside of the pocket.

Materials used

The full kit used in this guide. The gloves are listed so that you have the full list, I would not recommend buying them.


Here's a short clip of the poncho in action, first without funky glasses, then with. I've been told the glasses make it look a bit like things do on LSD, but I can't confirm that. Let me know if this is actualy the case, I'm curious!

YouTube video

In the video, which is from a New Year's party 2018/2019, I borrowed some light whips. I haven't been able to find the exact ones that I borrowed, but here are some options, if you should want your own (I know I do!):

Important notes / Lessons learned

Most of this is related to sewing, which is the main skill required for poncho-modding.

Meet the maker

Want to meet me in person? Come to a Crystal Kids' event. Or just give me a shout on front page, where you will find contact information for Anders Gerlev Hansen.