Psytrance Poncho (version 1)

I make all my psytrance gear because it's a lot of fun to do so and I know how much people love seeing the results when I'm at a gig - just like I love seeing what others bring. Anything colorful that lights up is just my thing and the reason

Anders wearing poncho and glasses with electroluminescent wire at Rebellion, Manchester for Crystal Kids - Psychedelic Journey 2

This post is about "EL Poncho v1". While absolutely amazing, you should check out Psytrance Poncho version 2 for an updated version.

Materials used

These are what I used for the full kit I wore on the first real night out with this particular outfit. A lot of things will change for the next iteration. The reasons why are described in the section below ("Lessons learned").

Important notes / Lessons learned

When working with the poncho, sewing and EL-wire, there are some things to keep in mind.

Meet the maker

If you want to meet in person and it's not urgent, come to one of Crystal Kids' events. Otherwise just contact me using the details on the front page.