Periskop is a project where two buddies and I have made a bunch of videos of and about Fastaval, later on we covered Østercon and who knows what the future will bring?


We were bored.

Speaking mostly for myself, I can't sit still. Something has to be happening at all times, and Periskop has been that something.

I like to facilitate fun, but also to spread the word about where good fun can be had.

Both Fastaval and Østercon are such places for me. Østercon is a closed event, so of these two, I highly recommend taking a look at Fastaval:

All fun and games

Without a purpose other than to simply entertain ourselves and the people around us, we ended up doing a lot of "weird" things. For example:

But also some more serious stuff, such as:

The challenges

BUT! We didn't set off and start working on these videos with a huge amount of gear or anything.

Our gear was minimal, we could only use our phones to record and edit videos.

We did "gear up" in terms of microphones, selfie-sticks and a tripod.

Sure the list isn't short and it helps a lot to have the right toys - but not working on a desktop when editing video makes it difficult.