Østercon is a convention for former students at Østerskov Efterskole, a boarding school which teaches through play.

The convention is organised by former students. I help organise this convention, the team achieves a lot we can be proud of.

Why organise Østercon?

So that we can play together. Many come to experience "the good old days" again, through many types of group play.

For 3 days, everyone shares an exerience. We eat the same food. Sleep in the same beds. Hear the same speeches.

Learning through play

We invite new students to join us in organising this convention.

Østerskov Elevforenings hjemmeside

The Clubhouse

Østerskov Efterskole is where it all began for us all. It is where we first met and started building friendships.

There is ritual and tradition. It is an exclusive club.


I bear the title: "Ridder af Østerskov" ("Knight of Østerskov").

Awarded for my many years of working in and for the roleplaying community in Denmark, a good representative for the values the school teaches.

Many others similarly have earned this title for their contributions to the community.

It's not a secret club. It's a club with secrets.