What is Fastaval?

Fastaval is many things, which is the source of both its strengths and weaknesses.

Some will say that it is convention for roleplaying, others insist to include boardgames. For the truth, I turn to one of the founders, Mads Arv Lunau.

What is it about?

Mads once told me has 3 kids;

All three of which share one thing: They are methods for passing on ideas.

I have personally spent a lot of time with two of Mads' children, the boarding school and Fastaval.

There is always an emphasis on play. Mads has created a school which teaches through play.

Fastaval is a "once-per-year" event. Østerskov Efterskole which came after it, is an all-year playground for adults who wants to teach through play, and kids who like to learn through play.

Everyone is welcome

Just remember that the rules for play, change over time.

Any and all organised play which takes place at Fastaval is regulated by the organisers. At the same time however, many participants bring their own toys, and much of that which seems organised at Fastaval, is not.

In the same vein, much of that which seem disorganised, is precisely orchestrated, often for good reasons.

Your new family

Fastaval is welcoming. You will love it.

With Periskop we aimed to document some of the great stories that unfold at Fastaval, this is a good example.

My story

I went to Østerskov Efterskole, where we were taught through play.

We would take on the roles of historical figures and live through experiences, use tools and experience history through their eyes. We were given a unique perspective not just on history, but also on learning.

I am convinced. I dedicate much of my life to learning through play.

Fastaval to me is a place for play, a place for learning.

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